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ray knox



Ray Knox represents the German Hands Up artist. At the age of 10, Ray bought himself his first vinyl and distributed his self-mixed and tapes throughout his friends and acquaintances. At the end of 80’s, be started to establish in various clubs such as The Nanu in Mannheim and Hippodrom (today the club is called Castello) in Hennef. Somewhere in 2000, Ray received his working place as a DJ in rhein-Sieg-Kreis back, in Catello, and also in Diskothek Hölle (Steffis Siegburg Club with different styles), and ever since then he is a resident there responsible for the House-Trance and Technoparties. He is known for providing always full house and super atmosphere that the party crown happily dismiss within the next mornings.

His first international experience was in Italy in the 90’s where his DJ sets were remarkably appreciated as one of the best ones. Following came more travels in Mallorca and Ibiza. He acquired a knowledge by playing on so many events in the course of the years in all sorts of genre and consolidated his own style. As a consequence, in the middle of the nineties, he eatablish a sound studio of his own and crammed the technical know-how for producing tracks.

In 2001 he met DJ Cyrus at one of his parties from Castello, and together they founded the project ‘’Happy DJs’’ and joined Eat West Records in 2002. His first production, ‘’Calling Mars’’ conquered the Dance charts, followed by a remix order for Beam & Yanou’s hit single ‘’On & On’’. His club fan community was proud to call such a great DJ as a Resi and they celebrated this fact every weekend to give Ray the opportunity to mature his tracks.

In 2003, Ray released ‘’Sign Of Love’’, a track with gripping vocals and straighten beat which provided a powerful whirl at the beginning of the year on the dance charts. In 2005 came the second single, ‘’Summersky/The Trip, and in 2006 the third successful release, ‘’Fiesta’’ was a collaboration with Manuel Reuter.

Not forgetting to mention the ‘’Club Energy Serie Vol. 1 – Vol. 14’’ and the new serie from Ray Know ‘’Colosseum of Trance’’ mixed by Ray Knox in an emotion and select maniere.

Ray Knox proved to be one of the artists that anyone can hardly forget about ! And his story continues.