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Dj and Producer Moritz Rausch aka Rauschhaus hails from the town Kiel, near Hamburg, Germany. As a passionate musician he plays a variety of instruments, and concentrates on different genres of music. His current sound can be described as a broad mixture of influences, where House, Minimal, Soul and Funk Meet each other, to create powerful Music, that puts a smile on peoples faces and makes them wanna dance.

Moritz started to produce electronic music in the year 2009. Seeking the excitement and the Energy of the clubscene in Kiel and Hamburg he got fascinated by the power of House-Music with all its different styles and faces and his horizons began to broaden. By taking part at many remix competitions, Moritz gained experience and his production skills sharpened, till he found his unique sound. He first called attention on himself when he won a release on the ?It began in Africa Vol 2? compilation, released by kittball-Records, from Solingen, Germay.

His Track ?Afolabi? was charted by many Djs and was in the Beatport Tech-House Top-100
Other Successes that should be mentioned are the 2nd place in an Aki Bergen Remix Competition for the track ?Afrikanism? and a pop-production for Frida Gold, ?zeig mir wie du tanzt?.

Rauschhaus released several Tunes at Slaap Records, a small label based in Buenos Aires and Berlin. His Tracks are supported by acts like Jimpster, Manuel Tur, SLG, Phil Weeks, Clockwork, Richie Hawtin and many more. His upcoming Ep will be released by Crossworld Records from London, UK.

Rauschhaus is part of the Minimal-Anders Dj-Collective. It is a collaboration of artists from Kiel and Hamburg who put their Skills together, to create a familiar booking-agency and to organise parties.
With his close friend and production partner Johannes Vollhey, Moritz plays lots of venues, to more and more acclaim. His love of rich, energetic club music full of texture, life and heart propels him to work more and more. His work as a Dj allows him to bring his unique style of music to an increasingly large audience.

Requests for original tracks and remixes flood in, so Rauschhaus looks positive into the future. Moritz is a young and talented, outstanding musician, that you will hear of?

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Various Artists Stil vor Talent Berlin: Frankfurter Tor

Various Artists

Stil vor Talent Berlin: Frankfurter Tor

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36 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3