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In his childhood he found a special attraction to music. Being more and more drown to sounds he developed a real passion. Finding interest in this field he started studying music from various points of view and tried to find the magic of sound. This way he discovered the technical part of music, he gathered a lot of knowledge but he is aware that is always something new to learn, that being the most amazing part. Browsing through the world of sounds he found that he is more interested in the instrumental part and so began the passion for electronic music. In the past few years he gathered more and more knowledge and started making his way into this industry. His desire to know more drove him outside the country, looking for experience; he has spent almost a year in Amsterdam, Berlin and Malaga (Spain).
In his will to make a name for himself he tried many things, in 2006 he organized a contest for dj/vj amateurs (in Studio Martin club) including most electronic music genders, plus other local events. The party that made a difference for him that year was the New Year?s Eve party (2006-2007) which took place in Amsterdam on a building?s roof.
In 2007 he began being noticed in clubs in Bucharest, organizing parties or being invited to play for all the clubs in this field. We can mention the series of parties at Arenele Romane where he played with: Rhadoo, The Model, Praslea, Sebo. After that he found success at Kado club where he played with Gareth Emery and Romanian dj?s like: G.I.C. Raoul Russu.
In 2008 the success continues and his experience grows. A great series of events at Session club featuring Massi DL, Florian Meindl, Andre Crom, Xpansul, the event at Daimon club with Dachshund and the new seris of events at Arenele Romane makes Plusculaar more and more noticed. All these events are made together with the Raveology team. In 2008 we can say he passed from ?learning? to being a pro. The parties continue in Bucharest and through the country, he plays with Marika, Roby, Negru, El Cezere, Praslea, and many other local and international dj's
In all this time, somewhere hidden was the producer. After 3 years of studying and experimenting Plusculaar is ready to become a producer. 2009 till 2010 past for Alexandru very fast and full of gig's and production, artist's like Someone Else, Dubfire, Carlo Lio, The Junkies (and many many others) appreciate and play his production, so other high point been touch by him, now in 2011 production and gig's are usual, his creativity took him to a high place, look's like our next big Dj & Producer is born and on his way up!!