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Miguel Barros (born c. 1985) better known as Pional is a Spanish producer, remixer and electronic musician from Madrid, Spain. His professional career began in 2010 when he released his first EP, A Moot Point on the Hivern Discs label.
Pional started his career in 2006, when he released numerous singles and remixes on different labels such as Proton, Hivern Discs and Traum under the Alt Fenster alias. In November 2011, El País noted that Pional and his most recent release—Last House on the Left—had been well received throughout Europe, even though he had yet to play in his native Madrid.
Pional provides the vocals and all the instrumentation on his tracks, and plays drum machine during live shows. He often collaborates with other artists and his more notable works are collaborations with fellow producer John Talabot. They have collaborated in the studio on many occasions, including the singles Destiny and So Will Be Now on Talabot's 2012 album ƒIN. Throughout 2012, Pional has been touring with John Talabot through Europe and North America supporting the album, opening for the British band The xx. The liveshow was charted by Resident Advisor as one of the twenty best live acts of 2012.
The Spanish newspaper El País has referred to him as a "mainstay" of the national electronic music scene.
In 2012 Pional and Talabot wrote the song "Brave" for the Divina Pastora Marathon in Valencia.
Invisible/Amenaza is his debut EP for Young Turks and was released on November 4, 2013 on vinyl and digital formats.

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Pional It's All Over Remixes


It's All Over Remixes

VÖ-Datum: 11.08.2014
Label: hivern
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