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Peter Forasi, better known as Peppelino in the electronic music industry, was born in 1985 in Hungary. He got hooked on techno music in '98 and in 2005 finally got his own production going. As Peppe was spending long hours working hard in the studio, the following two years quite quickly started to bring him success. His tracks were getting released on digital labels such as Prozak Records, Techment, Egotraxx and others.

In 2008, his tracks started getting released in vinyl format as well on some of the biggest techno record labels including Yin Yang, Soulaccess and Penetration Nation. He has done remixes for artists as Spiros Kaloumenos, Reaky, Pratap, Dj. Link, Darkrow, Mladen Tomic, Collins and Benham, Michal Poliak, Marco G..., while his tracks were also remixed by some of the top techno producers including Stephane Signore, Pratap, Raul Mezcolanza, Reaky and many others.

Peppelino won the ‘‘Reaky – Mushter’’ remix competition on Yin Yang records and he’s looking forward to future collaboration with his Slovene friend, the fast rising techno maniac Reaky. Peter’s career is blooming pretty fast considering he’s ‘’on-scene’’ only a couple of years. Before that he played at small local gigs and school parties.

In 2010, Peter has totally changes his life and made a good decision to move and living his life in the city witch is never sleeping, LONDON. He took his base in that city witch was opening a lot of new ways, gates for him. From 2011 till 2012, this energetic guy was taking some rest and took back his speed a little bit. He did not finish producing music, but he did not make that much of tracks, remixes like before.

In 2013, Peppelino changed a lot and he had one of the busiest periods in his life. His usually hardgroove-techno style with fast bpm, what is made him unique is the past. He closed that part of his life and he was driving on other way. You do not have to scare of it, he didn’t finish his career. He just slowdown, and he is started to produce slower Techno.

Peppelino gave atrack for the massive Night Light Records witch is managed by Mladen Tomic and Sinisa Tamamovic. And we still not in the end, Monique Musique, No Sound Music, Dark Face Recordings by Gaga, Naughty Pills Records, Ultrachic music by Paul Mendez, DSR Digital by David Temessi and of course Airtaxi Records. Why of course? Well, Airtaxi Records opened on the June of 2013 and managing by Peppelino. This amazing new label will focus on releasing original music from both upcoming and established artists, primarily fusing influences from techno genres including, dark techno, techno, tech-house.

Peppelino has got a lot of potential and in the following years he’s looking up to more and more success.

It’s just a matter of time his energetic vibes start dominating the world.

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