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Twenty-three-year-old newcomer Pele was born and still lives in the picturesque south Bavarian town of Rosenheim, incidentally the same city the famous act Funkstörung comes from.

Positive from the start that his place is to be found behind the decks, he spends several years DJing in and around Bavaria and Austria and co-hosting many parties in the region. Two years after having bought his first production equipment at the age of twenty, his first single is released as a label-starter on Berlin based label Dipolter.

In 2006, apart from the growing number of international gigs and remix activities, he is offered a residency at Rosenheim?s first electronic music club ?100 Quadrat?. His DJ sets, fluctuating between House and Techno, typically create a hypnotic flow using minimal sounds.

It is during this time, that he also starts work on his first release for Frankfurt?s well-respected label connaisseur Recordings. His debut ?Childhood?s End? on Connaisseur Supérieur (incl. remix by kollektiv turmstrasse) is released in April 2007 with massive support by international artists like Sven Väth, Satoshi Tomiie, steve bug and many more. ?Childhood?s End? pays homage to the detroitish chords of the 90?s paired with modern sound structures of 2007.
He was also featured on the first Connaisseur compilation ?Grand Cru 2007" with his melodic groove monster ?Mars Marijh?. The compilation is available both on vinyl and CD since spring 2007.

As a new member of the Connaisseur family, he now takes part in the official Connaisseur club tour ?Grand Cru 2007" and the ?Connaisseur Label Nights?.

His follow-up track ?Thumbs?, which was produced together with his friend and colleague Dave Shokh, was released on Connaisseur Supérieur in late summer 2007.

In Spring 2008 he released together with his Resident Partner "George Townston" his first ep "Requiem for three Chellos" on my best friend / TRAUM, Cologne.

In Summer 2008 he will release his track "Belize Nights" on Connaisseur 25