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ONDBRAIO started out his musical journey during the late 90s in occasion of events
?to dance? and thanks to a deep, innate sensitiveness, which led him to arrange events
and to focus on his musical research oriented to minimal/techno sounds.
That?s what has made him stand out and express himself as Promoter and Disk Jockey
in famous clubs teaming up with national and international Vocalists and DJs
During his magical sets he affects the clubbers with his unique House style, characterized
by electro contaminations and the sound is so fancy that his tracks suddenly become popular.
Always attracted by the musical evolution, in 2004 he started creating minimal/techno tracks.
ONDBRAIO is currently a DJ, Event Producer and Promoter and he is continuing exploring
new musical avenues, also managing the Clatter Records Label.Since ?97 he is leading one of
the coolest events, which takes place in central Italy JARDEN PARADE Festival.