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nicolas duvoisin



Nicolas Duvoisin’s creative attitude makes each set he plays an adventure. He is playing since the age of sixteen, he played at all major events and venues in Switzerland and starts know getting international attention. His sets travel between minimal house and techno, always with efficiency and class to the dance floor. As he moves himself while playing with needles and records, he gives to each set a ferocious elegance and efficacy, Nicolas gets the right groove and the right skills!

Also organizer of the major event in Swiss, called “Fantastic Friends Party!”, his events created a cut, with the residency at La Ruche (Lausanne), Milk Klub (Geneva) and Freida’s Büxe (Zurich).

Nicolas Duvoisin is also producer, with his unique sytle mix percussion, massive bass and right groove between techno minimal and house! During the last three year’s he appears on labels like Circle Music, Snork Enterprise, Fantastic Friends, Eminor, and more … His releases receive a massive support from the greatest dj’s and producer’s of this moment like Magda, R. Hawtin, Dan Curtin, Luciano, Anja Schneider, Reboot etc.

In the end of summer 2007, Nicolas Duvoisin released his first track *Grey Keyboard* on the German label Eminor Records where we can find famous artists like Jason Emsley, Paulo Olarte, Wahrlich, Philipp Wolgast, Bjoern Stolpmann, Tocalaboca.

Middle of 2008, he start a new collaboration under the name of PLASTIC FM for live get performance and producing techno – minimal with is plastic partner Olivier Kolly.

During 2009, Nicolas Duvoisin created his own label called Fantastic Friends Recordings,
with tracks collaborations and remixes especially with Alejandro Vivanco, Agaric, Someone Else, etc.

Supported by: Jeff Samuel [pokerflat / trapez ], Billy Dalessandro [hartouse / resopal / site holder], Someone Else [foundsound / fuzzybox], Xpansul [sindico], Ed Davenport [liebe detail / leftroom / gumption], Mathias Meyer [liebe detail], Fernando Daxta [sirius pandi], and more.

Nicolas is boy now on studio duty, and Did work for his next releases its ! Stay tunned!!!!

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Agaric, Nicolas Duvoisin Fast Forward / Flash Point

Agaric, nicolas duvoisin

Fast Forward / Flash Point

VÖ-Datum: 03.12.2015
Label: fantastic friends
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Nicolas Duvoisin Africa Friends (incl. QUENUM & YAPACC)

nicolas duvoisin

Africa Friends (incl. QUENUM & YAPACC)

VÖ-Datum: 26.07.2013
Label: circle
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • Techno
  • CIRCLE040
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