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nathan fake



nathan FAKE:

Nathan Fake is just 21 years of age, and yes, that is his real name. He hails from that most unlikely hotbed of new musical talent, the deepest, darkest farmer country of Norfolk, UK. Two years ago Nathan, headed for the bright lights and big city of Reading(!), and since then has never looked back. Nathan exploded onto the scene last year with the mighty ‘Outhouse’ on James Holden’s Border Community label, one of the most astounding debut singles in a long time which has surely now earned classic status, still receiving regular club and radio plays one year down the line. His rocktronica follow up “The Sky was Pink” (graced with a remix by Nathan’s main fan 1#, James Holden) looks as though it may even better the incredibly high standards set by his debut, now set for not one but two rereleases, one through France’s Cyber, another in the US through none other than Francois K’s Wave label. Elsewhere stateside one Satoshi Tommie is also a fully paid up member of the Nathan Fake fanclub, and has snapped up no less than five of Nathan’s finest for ‘The Watlington Street EP’ on his New York based Saw Recordings imprint. Cult German label Traum are the latest addition to Nathan’s hordes of followers, poised to release a three track EP early 2005. Also spreading the Nathan Fake computer-edit-funk message are remixes of Steve Lawler, DJ Remy (Additive), Avus (Border Community) and Perc (Premier Sounds), with the legendary Tiefschwarz currently waiting in line for a Nathan Fake rerub.