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Since 2005 stands DJ Cashmere, coming from Villingen behind the record plates. The electronic music was and is an important component of his life.
As a visitor of many festivals, parties and clubs he was always interested of how somebody can inspire with his music so many people and connect the people to ONE.

Then, quite spontaneously, he stood behind the plates... what new feeling.
From then on the interest with every weekend did not rise any more only than as a visitor before the plates to stand, but as a DJ behind it.
By the acquisition of record plates as well as a mixer followed "hugh" Bookings in the home sitting room before friends and the suffering neighbours.
The enthusiasm was gigantic, the work hard.... and this should pay off.

By smaller gigs he became surer and rocked more and more club with his hardtechno sound. In 2006 the next step was initiated.
Together with a friendly DJ there originated own party row
"The Beatnight" which achieved a big success in the space Lake of Constance and Allgäu.
During this common time his music style of the hard Beatz changed to playful sound of the more minimalist kind. Here he found his crazy second I..., unusually, feets down-to-earth and with the certain distinctive design.

By this crass sound change and the personal change became from the small boy a mister, just Mr. Cashmere.
With clattering and sloping Minimal-Techno he feels fine and can present himself, but always with an eye on the party ground.
He might gives his Minimal- Techno sound already in clubs like the
TOY Stuttgart, Plus Minus Festival, Club Soho in Spaichingen or the Suger Lounge in Switzerland (Streetparade 2010) to the best one.

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Various Artists Sounds from the Afterlife

Various Artists

Sounds from the Afterlife

VÖ-Datum: 30.01.2017
Label: Subwoofer Factory

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