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More Bang



More Bang is a German Austrian Friendship between Kurt Kreft and Gideon Lenz.It is the combined experience of half a century of music making Kurt was a regular Dorian Gray / Omen visitor while Gideon was / is a Brighton Techno Fan at the end of the 90ies, stepped into breakbeat and idm and has his main roots in the southern Drum and Bass / Dubstep scene . Gideon joined the Kugk artist palette in 2008 . During the following years a friendship emerged which now finds his peak in this collaboration of crazy funkiness. The results range from comedy pop, jungle tunes, 808 electro ( the real electro with 80ies and 90ies influences) to TechnoMain Styles:ELECTRONICA,DUB,DRUM&BASS,POP,In German : Mehr Wumms!

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Carlos Mena Deep Forever More

Carlos Mena

Deep Forever More

VÖ-Datum: 22.01.2016
Label: yoruba
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