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Mo.Bass is a german producer and DJ based in Augsburg, Germany, who has started DJing in 1994. Inspired by musicians like Armand van Helden, Dj Pierre, Daft Punk, Dj Sneak, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Ian Pooley, Tonka and many more. He created his own style in mixing and soon became a brand for high quality DJing, while playing at his hometowns' events and usual suspect clubs like Uebernacht, Kerosin, Pleasure Dome, X-Large ('95/'98) and later on Kesselhaus, Mahagoni Bar, Liquid Club, Yum Club and of course at the local Radio station "House FM", as well at the czech Internet Radio "Akropolis" or the houseboat "Bukanyr". He began producing in 1999, while pairing his experience as a house DJ with his sense of taste for quality house music, he soon defined his own style of electronic music. "The most important thing in a mix is definitely the arrangement" 2001 he released his first E.P which was self pressed on Vinyl, still under his pseudonym "Mo.Bass". In 2003 Mo.Bass joined the group "The Paradogs", who has successfully released tracks and remixes on "Bikini records" including tracks like "Technical, Dog pound, Action (a funk tinted) remix for "Da Nu Alliance" and so on, which was on playlists like Eddi Ammador, JCA, etc.
After "The Paradogs" have splitted 2008, he focused his self back to the basics in 2010, releasing tracks like Deep.E.P and remixes on Bikini, "roomservice" and skilled records.

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4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.