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Misteralf : Producer and Remixer DJs A team of four Italian artists sharing the passion for music. Fabrizio Rosset DJ touches his first record when 13, gains experience in various local radio stations in the Valle D'Aosta region (North-West Italy) and at the same time starts working in different discos?basically he plays in every club of the area. Fond of ?70s and ?80s music he lived and played the discos of that period, records which he owns and jealously preserves. Afterwards he cultivates his passion for HOUSE music, which he sees rising and developing until today. At the moment he performs as guest DJ at JIVE disco of Aosta. Luigi Marchetto DJ starts his career age 15, works in the best clubs in the Veneto and Friuli regions (North-East Italy) and also cooperates with a radio station. A big fan of DISCO music from which he finds inspiration for new productions... .. ..Massimiliano Marchetto musician, music designer and remixer; has been cooperating in music writing and music productions Alfonso Simioni musician, starts as an Italian song writer and composer, along with the passion for electronic and dance sounds, currently involved in the music production along with Massimiliano. The first MISTERALF production was released June 2007 and becomes a good success hitting the charts in Italy and Europe. Afterwards the team remixes a song of Gazebo ?Ladies?. Currently about to be released on PURPLE MUSIC label is ?I'm over it? Feat. Daw Tallman remixed by Kemal Concurrently working on a new single Feat. Lisa Hunt, well known as Featured vocalist on tour and recordings of world famous Italian ZUCCHERO Sugar Fornaciari. Misteralf : A Love Defined, feat. Lisa Hunt | Purple Music - Im Over It, feat. Dawn Tallman | Purple Music - I Can't Stop, feat. Omega Brown | Sound Division

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.