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Miguel Migs



Miguel Migs:

At the forefront of dance music1s deeper realm stands this 29-year-old musician. Miguel Migs personifies the chilled-out, soul-driven vibe of the Naked Music concept. Combining the best of both the electronic music world, with live instrumentation to create an organic-soulful sound to his original productions and remixes. His remix of the Naked music single, "If I Fall", was the smooth, groove-infected track that first intertwined Miguel and Naked Music. His 1997 Dub remix on OM Records was a surprise hit, slipping its way into numerous compilations and sliding into the record bags of deep House DJs across the globe. Miguel has since found himself on the remixer A-list of dance music's top record labels and producers. Contrary to many of his club-o-centric DJ/producer peers, Miguel is unabashedly unconcerned with the potential dance floor appeal of his soulful, uplifting tracks. "It's music you can enjoy and listen to, not necessarily to rock the dance floor at its peak," explains the Northern California native, who grew up with a true love of reggae, soul, classic rock, R&B, jazz and hip-hop. In the past 4 years alone, Miguel has quietly put out more than 70 quality, original cuts and remixes on seminal independent labels like Naked Music, Yoshitoshi, NRK, Black Vinyl, Large, and Transport. All of which have made waves in the Underground circuit and hit DJ hype charts of international media. Not to mention his remixes for major label artists like Macey Gray, Lionel Ritchie and Brittany Spears. musician at heart, Miguels professional career started at age 18 as songwriter and lead guitarist for Santa Cruz local dub band Zion Sounds, whose Jamaican and African rhythms earned them gigs with globally known reggae outfits Culture and Burning Spear among others. The band parted in the mid 90's due to personal differences. Miguel then put his focus and creative energy into experimenting with the production of electronic music.