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Michael Kruck



It happened in october 2004, Michael Kruck became ?First Called Resident? DJ at the legendary ?Fusion Club? in Muenster, Germany. From now he builds up the big support in the Fusion mainfloor
and plays beside many famous acts like chris liebing, marco bailey, dj rush, Umek, Westbam,
Takkyu Ishino, ben sims and many others.
Of course with his pushing and grooving sound he reached a nationwide popularity, so that he
regularly plays in other very big locations of his country like the ?Butan Club? in Wuppertal, the ?Tor 3? in Duesseldorf (Germany) and many more. Furthermore his definition of Techno is now entering Austria, in the famous ?Dom im Berg? in Graz or the Big Sunflower Festival in the Fly areal Prambachkirchen.
Since July 2006, in the ?Fusion Club? he hosts his own event series called ?Techno Division?. In a 2 monthly period you can listen to many international top acts supported by Michael Kruck. Afterwards he founded his DJ Booking & Artistmanagement agency named ?M2M Booking?.
With his first release named ?Wobble EP? which will be available in records stores in may 2011 on zero point five records containing big remixes, the first step for further successful productions is made.

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