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Mf Doom



Born in London, England, moved to Long Island, New York at a young age. Started KMD as Zevlove X with his younger brother Subroc, and appeared on 3rd Bass' single "The Gas Face" in 1989. Onyx The Birthstone Kid also joined the group before releasing their debut album, Mr. Hood, which featured an appearance from Brand Nubian, as well as production from The Stimulated Dummies, in 1992. After the release of Mr. Hood, things started going downhill for KMD. Onyx The Birthstone Kid left the group, leaving only Zev and Subroc. But, during recording for their second album, Black Bastards, Subroc was hit by a car, and eventually died. As the album came close to a release, an article was published in Billboard magazine from an author who had only seen the artwork for the album, about how the album was racist. This stirred up much controversy within Elektra Records, and eventually ended up in the label not releasing the album.

For 5 years he left the rap industry, only to be discovered in 1998 rapping at Café's, and other miscellaneous places around New York City, by DJ Bobbito Garcia, owner of Fondle 'Em Records. Bobbito signed DOOM, whom he had recognized from his days with K.M.D., and DOOM released his solo debut, Operation: Doomsday, in 1999. The album, which is widely accepted as an underground classic, was, like Black Bastards, shelved, but this time because of sampling without license. Both albums were re-released in 2001, only to go out of print a matter of years later.

DOOM had a particularly prolific recording period during the first half of the 2000's decade, working with the likes of producers Madlib,Danger Mouse, and long time friend, rapper MF Grimm. During this time he also released solo LP's under his other aliases; King Geedorah and Viktor Vaughn. His popularity has only increased throughout the years, further highlighted by numerous mash up projects in which his vocals and beats have been featured, ... and MF DOOM & T-Pain to name a couple.

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MF Doom My Favorite Ladies (Repr. Orange Vinyl)

mf doom

My Favorite Ladies (Repr. Orange Vinyl)

VÖ-Datum: 25.09.2013
Label: Nature Sounds
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