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Mentalic never was a man of big words. Since he began producing music in 2001 he always tried to express himself through sound. 2007, after countless tracks and various projects he could land a deal with ETUI Records as the first label interessted in him.
DJ appearences and more label requests followed. Among others it was Microtonal who where highly impressed by his "Desperado" and released it in 2008 as the labels first record. Slowly but surely press and international known acts showed interest, and they wondered - who is this guy?
Over the years he could chalk up more and more remixes and releases on a variety of labels. But now it was about time to start something own. Together with his longtime fellow Alec Troniq he founded his own imprint Ipoly Music, where he released his most successful records to date - and no end in sight.
He nowadays performs his sound strictly live, and he calls it "Slapstick Techno/House". Rebellious but funny, dirty, sometimes flavoured with a light darkened aftertaste. Extra but not ordinary. Not to forget his love for good ol' Rock & Roll you may realize...

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Mentalic Fools United (incl. Mp3code)


Fools United (incl. Mp3code)

VÖ-Datum: 09.12.2013
Label: ipoly music
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