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Meiko (German DJ and Producer) visited a few clubs in the 90′s and discovered his fascination of electronic music. At the age of 17 he acquired his first record players and inspired by the sound of chris liebing, Westbam or Monika Kruse his record library steadily increased. In 2000 his first Techno event “Lost in Paradise” was born. This event was crowned with success over a period of 4 years. Afterwards there were a few booking requests by clubs in his region. Since 2007 Meiko has meticulously been producing his own tracks. After 2 years he had his first release. Enchained by electronic music he quickly realized that he wanted to use his experience and expand. With that, in 2009 he founded his own label ‘Herzschlag Recordings’, which suits first-class techno and minimal tracks. The project is to promote successful artists and new talents. In 2012 he started a sub-label called ‘Herzschlag Selected’. The label has started via selected tracks for Vinyls of highest quality and most innovative productions. The sound of Herzschlag Selected is a unique blend of electronic music.
He has released original tracks and remixes on respected labels such as Herzschlag Recordings & Herzschlag Selected, Freitag Limited, ReWashed LDT, Tracer Records, 040 Recordings, Define Records and many others.

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meiko flashing frequency


flashing frequency

VÖ-Datum: 30.04.2013
Label: herzschlag selected
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