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Mattias Fridell



Swedish Techno producer Mattias Fridell born in the early 80's, known for his mechanically & synthetic driven sound structures is a man involved in many projects. His music is described as a futuristic synthesized realm containing grooves and pounding beats with extreme production & outstanding ideas. As a versatile techno producer he is making what he feels most for at the moment; Techno with attitude, Minimalism, Tech-House or Detroit flavored vibes. With 10 years in the scene Mattias music is highly sought after and he is constantly taking requests for music from all over the world on many different record labels. Mattias is also working together with legendary Techno producer Glenn Wilson as "Tonal Path".

In his early years Mattias got hooked with the electronic music scene fast and developed a special interest for different kinds of music. Coming from a music-interested family, the step to produce & write his own music was just a matter of time. Recording & mixing music with a double cassette-deck that his parents bought him was most likely a foundation for his early productions, as well as playing on his parents Yamaha-keyboard & Organ. Mattias first productions were recorded on tape with a cheap microphone.

As the years went, Mattias also got interested in playing music & deejaying with his friends. Music from the Rave & Acid scene grow just stronger & more impotent to him. Mattias met up Alexander Johansson, someone that shared his interest more then any other at the time. They produced music & played as Deejays together, but never had the guts to send their music anywhere, they were too picky about the content and constantly produced new, bigger & better tracks. Turning the time forward to around their 18th birthdays Mattias & Alexander teamed up with 2 other friends & started the small organization Boot-Media, which organized parties with electronic music and other events. Soon the ideas were born to start a record label. The process was slow and painful but eventually they had a concept they believed in, doing everything from artwork & music as well as administration, they got backed up by Boot-Medias creative financial man, Anton Johansson. The birth of the record label Embowel was a fact.

The first & only release from the Embowel imprint became a huge success. The Deejay & Radio Host Calle Dernulf, working for Swedens biggest radio station played their record in his show for electronic music P3 Dans, other deejays such as Abi Lönnberg picked up their music as well. Legendary techno producer Cari Lekebusch and his distribution company at the time, Sentinel, distributed the Embowel record world-wide. From here on, famous acts like Gayle San, Mark Eg, bas mooy & Cristian Valera played their Solutions EP, and Cristian also used their record for a double-mix-CD.

Soon after, when the second & third release on Embowel was ready for launch, the climate in the scene went down and some distribution companies met trouble. These records was never released, and internal issues within the Boot-Media division made them take separate part in life and put down their label. Mattias & Alexander continued to produce music and released it on legendary labels such as audio assault, ARMS, XXX records & Tidy Trax together with the biggest artists & producers in the scene, they released the classic Alliance III record with Swedish Patrick Skoog on Audio Assault for example.

As life went on, Alexander found other activities and Mattias produced his music alone for a while taking new names for different kinds of production. He never really left the techno scene and produced some bombs every now and then under his own name, while constantly putting out records under his various pseudonyms.

After releasing very few techno-records for some years, Mattias is now as active as ever, with the exception of using his own name for most things he release, as well as exploring new styles within the techno scene. Mattias is still producing his mechanical, synthetic driven sound but also turned to a more minimal aspect of the music.

Always meeting new & important people internationally, and working with people in the scene such as producers & label owners Tony Silver, Glenn Wilson, Brad Lee, Ryuji Takeuchi, S-Tek, Tony Demoet & Mirko S to mention a few, he focus on music with a continuance iron will to produce some of the best tracks possible. Which isn't enough, hence Mattias recently started 2 digital labels to follow and be up to date with todays climate & environment in the electronic music scene. Other than that, he has tons of new music coming up and have joined forces with many modern & classic labels.
Through the years Mattias gained support from Deejays, Producers & Promoters such as Bas Mooy, Ortin Cam, lars klein, Patrick DSP, Simon Hi-Shock, V1NZ, Tony Silver, Brad Lee, Wetworks, Tyler Smith, S-Tek, Showcase Techno, Gunjack, Jay Wong, Cristian Valera, Mark Eg, Ryuji Takeuchi, Filip Xavi Alex Markachev, Michael Wenz, Mateo Murphy, V1NZ, Oliver Koop, Anderson Noise, Luca Ricci, Vegim & more...