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martin landsky



martin landsky:
Being a hobby break-dancer back in the days was the first step for eleven year-old Martin Landsky to discover his passion for black dance music. Using the pause-key of his tape deck he started to create minimal loop tracks of early funk and rap classics for his performances on the street as well as in contests. His interest in manipulating sound was unstoppable. Young Martin Landsky spent all his money to buy a second tape deck and a primitive mixer. After that he took his father’s pitchable turntable and "raped" his family‘s Bontempi organ to design rudimental megamixes of his favourite tracks. Influenced by an older friend who was DJing as well, nightlife became more interesting for Martin, he started to spin at school parties and similar events at the age of fourteen. His improved skills led to frequent bookings at private parties in Hamburg. Moved to Hamburg in 1986, he soon made new friends, whom he joined visiting legendary Hamburg-based club "Front" in 1988 for the first time. Although he was still into funk music which he continued to spin at parties this can be seen as the initial point for his interest in electronic music. While he was caught up between these different styles of music he became a regular at Front, which started to become a meeting point for House-, Acid- & Techno- heads. At that time Martin was not even dreaming of becoming a professional DJ. After leaving High school successfully in 1990 he was instructed to become a commercials- and synchronizing audio engineer at Studio Funk HH in 1992.