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Mark Reeve



Scene: UK. Time: the early 90s. Mark Reeve, 12 years old, gets infected with the electronic virus. UK is in Rave fever, with breaks, beats and bass. Mark concentates on the harder Rave sound of Londons funky House-Vibes, then develops his own style and starts to play at the age of 16 regularly as a club DJ. His passion for juicy electric sound then knew no borders.

Middle of the 90s: the Reeves move to germany, a new start for the young Dj. Mark starts to visit clubs like the omen, and extends his horizon by the sound played in Frankfurt(Germany) by Sven Väth, ricardo Villalobos and others However, his Homebase sound remains House: with groovy rhythms and juicy beats and most important that hip swinging touch.

Mark is now known as a non stop DJ , as an artist he has now had his most important releases on cult label Defected with his Buddy tapesh, solo on Toolroom, for CR2 and Monique Musique - Marks Tracks are always a mixture between dancefloor moovers including groovy rhythms and big baselines.

In 2011 he will be releasing more tasty music on labels such as cocoon Recordings, Aki Bergens Neurotraxx Gold
,traum schallplatten, Tapesh´s Variante Music and others.