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Mario Krenmayr



Two turntables, a mixer and pure fascination for electronic music. These are the ingredients Mario Krenmayr uses to inspire the Austrian and especially the Viennese electronic music scene.

Born May 1st 1979 in Grieskirchen Austria, Mario now lives in Vienna. Not only did he start to play various instruments at an early age but also vinyl records, a passion that stayed with him till this day. Some years later Mario Krenmayr could be found playing his first gigs at Clubbings in Linz.

The first sign of light at the end of the tunnel can be seen in 2002 when he is booked to play at the Loveparade in Vienna. The booker of the Viennese Loveparade was easily convinced after listening to Marioâ??s Demo-Tapes, after that first time, Mario Krenmayr was a Love parade regular.

In the fall of 2002 everything starts to come together and he starts to rock the Viennese Clubs. He does so in such an emphatic way that he is made Resident and can be found rocking the crowd in Vienna on a regular basis. Gigs at many famous events follow with scene icons like Frank Lorber and Toni Rios. He has been infected by all the musical influences that he gathered in his life. Most importantly by Ricardo Villalobos, Miss Fitz, Sasha Dive and the whole Synthetic-Pop era.

Still Mario remained true to himself. He's not a stuck up artist but a man who lets his music speak for him. He is a laid back type of guy that loves and lives music. Privately, that is.

Mario Krenmayr is the type of person you can connect with immediately, if you understand him. It's the same with his music, and yet completely different. When Mario Krenmayr starts mixing his tracks he is in a world of his own. What this world sounds and looks like, only he knows, but you better believe that it rocks and will grab a hold of you in a heartbeat.

Mario Krenmayr is a true Viennese DJ. In these past years the sound magician has put both the Austrian and German scene under his spell. His formula for success sounds simple. It actually just consists of names: Electro. House. Minimal. Tech-House. Electronic Classics. Hmm.

Multitalented? Again? Sure, tastes differ. But when Mario Krenmayr dives into his world, he does so with heart and soul. You can't just hear it; you can also feel it, and those who take a couple of minutes and watch can also see it.

Mario Krenmayr is currently working on his own productions and we look forward to see what magic he is going to pull out of the hat.

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.