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Mare Mystica



"Mare Mystica" is a limitless instrumental-synthpop-deephouse-chillout-jazz-music-project with dark, sometimes melancholy but always melodic elements, enriched with a powerful rhythm and sax sounds. It was created in 2011-2012 by Rainer Winschermann, composer, musician, sound-engineer and producer in his recording-studio MOLLYCAT. In the 80ies he lived in the "Ruhrgebiet" and there he recorded and produced many well-known musicians. Most popular became his Vinyl-EP "Mysterious Song" by his band "Marcie's still waiting" and his fusion-jazz CD-production "Mind Movies" by his band "Fancy Colours". Since 2008 he lives in Baltrum, a little island in the Northsea.
This is the right place to relax and to create this wonderful sounds of "Mare Mystica"!