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Manuel Reuter better known by his stage name DJ Manian or just Manian is a German music producer, DJ and owner of Zooland Records label. He is also a member of the award-winning music dance trio cascada, alongside fellow DJ Yanou (with whom he has collaborated many times) and Natalie Horler (who has featured as a guest vocalist on some of his songs).

DJ Manian has produced a number of singles under various pseudonyms. His contributes to his musical project "Spencer and Hill" under the pseudonym Josh Hill. He also has maintained a number of different musical collaborations, including Bulldozzer, M.Y.C, Ampire, Phalanx, Plazmatek, Liz Kay, and R.I.O. and the now-defunct Tune Up! in addition to Aila, Cerla, Dan Winter, Darren Styles, crystal lake etc. His 2013 release "Don't Stop the Dancing" featuring Carlprit has charted in a number of European singles charts.

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manian welcome to the club


welcome to the club

Release date: 20.07.2009
Label: junkbox
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