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Lullabad are
Well known in the french and european scene for her punchy and sexy dj sets, this electronic artist and producer came out with two maxis under the label Missive ? this way? and ?marmelade? (remixed by Alexkid and Rob Mello?) which were very noticed and largely compiled.

One of the founder of the Dax Riders et Director of the label Subscience, pioneer of the french electronic scene, as soon as 1994, he built one of the first techno-house label in France, takes part in the diffusion of this culture ( by organizing parties, developing themed compilations, signing french artists : David Duriez?and internationals:

Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodyman, Keith Tucker aka DJ K-1, Christopher Just?) while producing under various names (oxo-external-bad ced?) and as many collaborations with french artists such as Guillaume la Tortue, Chris Carrier?

These two impassioned naturally got together to create a mutual project ?Lullabad? with the same will to come back to an old school tech-house mixing all the influences from different musical currents that feed them over the past ten years.

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