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Lula Circus



Lula Circus was formed in 2008. The two-ring circus of music is comprised of two musical ringleaders: Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro.

With each having their own unique perspective and visions, its their polar opposite traits that makes their extravaganzas into sound so damn fun to hear. Though the duo is enjoying newly found attention internationally, this circus quietly perfected it’s act through vinyl-only releases on labels such as Catwash, Resopal, Apparel to name a few. In 2011, it was their hit “She Loves Me” on Culprit that put them on many radars; in addition to their massively successful Miami Vices EP on Stranjjur which was also released in the same time-frame.

With a production style unique to only themselves, Danilo and Sergio’s collaboration began as a mere experiment. It’s since clearly erupted into a unique and exploding entity which uses timelessness and unpredictable musical output to convey the Circus’ message. Danilo and Sergio’s deep love for music, coupled with their ongoing and all-consuming search for a wider spectrum within electronic music — a search that takes place within the minds of the ringmasters themselves.

From their first release with Resopal in 2009, through to Catwash in 2010, Stranjiur and Culprit L.A. in 2011, a solid year of releases and remixes in 2012 capped by their debut EP for Culprit…… it’s a safe bet putting money on Lula’s Circus continuing to grow larger and larger in 2013. Their path has been varied but consistent in a distinctive sound that identifies their work which is not bound to any specific genre.

The name Lula Circus was conjured as the result of a mix between motion picture culture. Lula is the unforgettable main character in David Lynch’s “Wild at Heart”and club-culture itself is essentially a big circus of music lovers. And so, Lula Circus was born.

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Lula Circus & Nikko Gibler Take me, Dont break me ep BACK IN

lula circus & Nikko Gibler

Take me, Dont break me ep BACK IN

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Label: your mama's friend
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