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Luix Spectrum



Luis Guillermo Lopez AKA LUIX Spectrum, born in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia (19-Jul-87), gave a taste for electronic music since 2003, days before he played in rock soundtracks from 2000 until 2003 he learned to play guitar & battery. In 2004 he received lessons in BEAT DJ where reason for experimenting with software to DJ's and production which handle empirically learned Fl Studio, Ableton, logic Platinum, and Reason which start mid-2008 to study sound engineering at the Fernando Sor of Bogota, learning management sonar, Cubase and controllers. There began his career as DJ and producer of Hard techno Schranz with AKA (Infector-x) The early January 2009 he began producing techno and its derivatives as Techinimal-Techouse-Dark techno techno-industrial and other derivatives giving a touch of hard, sound blunt, dark, industrial and now works with record labels recognized in Colombia as Red Melodic Records-Music-Bdivision and Pig Mafia Records and Renno Records has shared the stage with national and international DJs at the scene of hard techno, Schranz, Techno, Electro and Minimal and House.