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louis garcia



Louis Garcia is the House deejay (since the mid eighties) and producer from Erfurt, Germany. He is also the Labelowner of Loga-Traxx.

DJ Louis Garcia has been always away on party as a DJ since the middle of the 1980’s and he reached the House scene in 2001. In his activities, we mention his membership at the AIDA Club, Sputnik Turnable Days and Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Garcia has been playing in club all around the world as a DJ and recently he was booked for a night in Moscow.

He is primarl commercially successful with cover versions, Samples and longer text lines from other songs. With the cover ‘’Forever’’ he quotes lines from the hit ‘’’Heartbeat’’ from Gary Wright.
In 2006 he founded his own label called ‘’Loga Traxx’’ and began his ‘’April Rain’’ and ‘’Selectric’’ projects.

In 2009 he started working with Sidney King, who used his voice for new creations and a new album.

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