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Lewis Fautzi



Lewis Fautzi, real name Luis Gonçalves, was born in 1991 in Barcelos, Portugal.
Luis´s life is spent in his studio. He almost sleeps there as tracks grow like mushrooms all the time, he is full of ideas , influences and a big will to create , innovate and make his own mark on electronic music.
He started djing and producing quite young and has so far released on label´s such as his own Faut Section, Soma Records, Soniculture, Resopal Schallware, Labrynth, Slap Jaxx, Spark Musik.
He has been in the lab this last years listening to the finest techno from all around the world , taking influence from the 90´s to nowadays allowing him to create his own interpretation of it. The dance scene in Portugal , specially in the north, was his motivation and helped to kick start the next step in his career and allowed him to grasp a fuller understanding and meaning of techno and electronic music.
As a result of his constant evolution and search for his unique sounds he recently created his very own live show. A hypnotic show where techno goes deep, dark and industrial, transporting you into an amazing electronic experience.