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leroc sportif



Leroc Sportif aka Pascal Leroc born 1968 in a small town near munich germany, growing up in a family of music lovers , his mum was a djane in the mid 80s so it was clear that he soon would do the same.
Inspired by the great 70s and 80s disco and funk artists like zapp,george clinton,grandmaster flash,curtis blow , he approached the world of hip hop which was growing up big in the end of the 80s.
Always openminded for new sounds and styles he visited 1992 a party at the legendary munich tempelclub, where Sven Väth impressed him with his incredible intensity of techno -that was the day that marked the beginning of a new era in his dj carreer.
1996 he decided to produce his own music influenced by mike ink , the svek guys jesper dahlback and alexi delano and all this weird music from chicago and detroit by phuture ,jeff mills,green velvet ...
Together with easy ease aka sam rush he set up his label polyester recordings using it as a platform to spread his vision of electronic music all over the world.
Further he had releases on Milk & Sugar , Lost Vegas , Nightclubbing Music , Bluedaze RecordingsNY , Royal Music.