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Lena was born in the suburban town of Mozhaysk, Moscow region, July 13, 1989. As a child Lena danced and sang every day at her improvised home ?concerts?. Aged six, Lena entered the local music school where she soon became a soloist of the school choir performing in various concerts. In 1999, Lena?s family moved to Moscow, where she finished music school and embarked on her musical adventure, continually evolving towards self-realization.
The passion for music led the young singer onto the big stage when she entered ?Morning Star?, a national singing contest. Winning this competition was the first significant achievement for young Lena she still cherishes today.
After winning ?Morning Star? Lena engaged in a children's variety theatre "Columbine", where her talent was noticed by Rafael Gurtsiev. Gurtsiev, a pop-jazz vocalist coming out of the reputed Gnessin Music Academy and now a vocal teacher convinces Lena to develop her talent further. Lena decides to leave the children's theatre and begins taking private lessons.
The creative interaction with Rafael Gurtsiev did not only bring Lena to the next level musically but she also learned various performance techniques, significantly improving her level of professionalism. Aged 15, Lena was invited to take part in the international competition for young singers "New Wave".
In 2006, Lena goes to Germany to work with singer/songwriter Ron White. They successfully record Lena?s first songs and shoot her first video which has aired on Music Box TV channel. During her stay in Germany, Lena had the opportunity to work on smaller projects with several major record companies, who collaborated with michael jackson, backstreet boys and many others.
Lena is now studying Sociology at the Moscow State University and continues to make music and perform. Spring 2009 Lena was invited to London to participate in the first edition of Maslenitsa, London?s largest Russian cultural music event where she performed in front of a crowd of 15.000.
This fall Lena recorded her new single Fly Away with songwriter/producer DJ Scaldia in Antwerp, Belgium. Lena and DJ Scaldia are working on new material to be released in 2010.

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Lena Willikens Phantom Delia (back in!)

lena Willikens

Phantom Delia (back in!)

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