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Christian Leevey is one of the veterans of Berlin's Techno scene. In the past time he was Among the so called "new faces" from the capital. Here he worked in about each and every club and
accomplished his resident-activity in two well-known Techno-clubs of Berlin. After he had gone ahead, Leevey energetically continued going his own way. In the year of 2000, he was drawn towards Hamburg where he fortified his prestige as a DJ. When he came back to Berlin some years later, he vigorously strived for his task as a producer. With the wind of Northern Germany in his back and a whole lot of experiences as a DJ up his sleeve, he developed his talent further and this way he got down to the first releases in the year of 2007. The great diversity of his musical spectrum has served as a mirror of his own development for many years now. Just as he has done as a DJ, Leevey wants to make history as a producer in a similar way and has already increasingly succeeded with the past releases, so that more than 20 releases can be found in his discography up to this day. His focus is clearly set on the dancefloor and his skills will keep on holding the listeners under his spell in the future, no matter if as a DJ or
as a producer.

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leevey & nielebock the best is yet to come (steve cole, ben

leevey & nielebock

the best is yet to come (steve cole, ben

VÖ-Datum: 26.07.2013
Label: schallbox
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