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Lake People



Lake People started as a solo project in October 2009. Martin Enke aka Lake People who chose Leipzig as his new home, celebrated his debut in February 2010. Since then he has had numerous gigs, for example, at the Fusion Festival and at clubs in Berlin and Dresden, where he wooed the crowd with his live sets, moving between techno, minimal, deep house and electro. With a colourful mix of musical influence from techno, house, funk, pop and electronic, he doesn’t cut any corners playing live or producing. He released his first ep (ackerrec, 3000°) in 2011 and remixed some tracks for other artists, such as Bodi Bill and Micronaut.

Hailing from Leipzig, there is little to be found about the enigmatic figure we know as Lake People. Besides his alias Llewellyn, he can sometimes be found collaborating with Powel under the name Lake Powel.
But never mind the man, what's important is his music. Ambient and melodic, Lake People's is a deviation from the heavier sounds of house, into an exploration of electronic music's lighter side, giving the 4/4 beat room to breathe. Rather eclectic in style in his sets, Lake People varies from more classic house to electronica, making it an evening of musical exploration to tickle our brains with new sound waves.
He is fresh off the release of his most recent notable remixes of Nico Stojan’s “After the Hour” and Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s “Ordinary.” Lake People has also released productions under the alias Llewellyn, such as the remix of “Fews” by Panthera Krause. His work has been supported by the likes of Dixon, head honcho of Innervisions and Jozif, who was recently asked to compile a "Balance Presents" mix.