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La Rochelle Band



Peter Cruseder (born 17.01.1980 in Grieskirchen, upper Austria) aka Peter Kreuzer is an Austrian music producer. His extensive knowledge and general feeling for music are the foundations of his soulful and powerful electro compositions. Piano riffs, which he plays himself, are the perfect examples of the individual character of his pieces. The piano has been his way of expressing himself musically since he was eight years old. He later studied both classic and jazz piano, where he finally realized that he should devote his talent and love of music to something new:
La Rochelle BAND. The driving force behind this is Peter Cruseder, who composes and produces the songs in his studio. On stage, Cruseder plays the keys and mixes live. He is accompanied by Seimen Get (Simon Gattringer) and the breath-taking singer Farina Miss. Their live shows never fail to impress with fun, energy and excitement more than guaranteed. The band was formed by Cruseder in 2011 and the debut album „Shake Late“ was released shortly afterwards. The music introduced a new style to the dance world. The EP „Work That Body“ soon followed on etage noir recordings and fans, critics and music lovers alike have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment from LA ROCHELLE BAND. The waiting finally came to an end on 24.05.2013 with the release of the single „Burning In My Soul“, and the track instantly went in at number 3 in the iTunes charts. Peter Cruseder’s style is powerful, hypnotic and groovy. The band name is taken from a French city, where it is said that the sun always shines. You cannot argue with that. His music can be heard on the French sampler „Electroswing Vol 5“ and his single „Jay Jay“ was used in the trailer for the Sony Vita game „Little Big Planet“.
LA ROCHELLE BAND has already played in many European cities as support band for Parov Stelar, and when you take a brief look at the tour plan, there is plenty more to look forward in the near future.