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Kumi is without a doubt one of the most unique and exciting electronic music producers to come from Africa. His many, killer original productions such as 'D.N.A', 'Magenta' and 'Tears of the sun', has seen him capture a large number of follower in a very short period time.
Kumi has come a very long way since his first solo classic: ?I scratch? which was a mix of hip-hop and electronic, with the main melody being a DJ scratch. Since then, Kumi has spent a long time perfecting his production skill, to become a shining star in Kenya?s dance music scene.
In 2009 Kumi started his own record label 808 studio which has grown in a very short time. In Kumi's studio it?s all about pushing electronic music to the next level and setting new benchmarks. Kumi constantly melts the boundaries between different genre?s like trance, electro, progressive and techno, to make a sound that is truly unique and magical.
In just a few years Kumi has built a massive reputation for creating a long lasting sound and uplifting music.