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kris wadsworth



Originally from Detroit, Berlin based Kris Wadsworth is a regular figure at some of the most famous nightclubs and discerning parties in the world. Names which include: Fabric, Rex, Arma 17, Panorama Bar, Tresor, Watergate, Sankeys to name a few. A prolific producer with a vast catalogue of inimitable Epís, as well as being one of the most sought-after remixers in the business. The most professional and respected journalists in the industry have dispensed phrases about him for many years now such as: "Disturbingly brilliant" (DJ Mag), "Freakishly good," (MixMag), "Absolutely essential" (Resident Advisor), "We can buy practically anything from him blindfolded" (DE:Bug).

With the launch of his new label called BREED, experimentation on his number one selling concept label URANUS, a debut album released on Get Physical, a second album only one year later on Londonís Hypercolour, as well as additional collaborations with the industryís finest; 29 year old Kris Wadsworth is a name you know. Any major player has a few Wadsworth tracks or remixes, and any serious club or promoter has his name on the tip of their tongue. He is one of the most consistent and innovative artists who is always working to further his unmistakable sound, whether behind the decks or in the studio.

Now based in Berlin, Detroit born DJ and producer Kris Wadsworth has been vocal in the past about disassembling some of the myths surrounding his hometown. Yet its techy-soul is still apparent in his debut album 'Life & Death', out now on Get Physical records. With a disarming frankness though, there's no po-faced, cooler-than-thou attitude around Kris whose recent samples include Pee-wee Herman and himself talking about his 'famous anus'. Help make that rear-ended dream come true by spreading this podcast, which features cuts off the album alongside plenty of his own remixes and Ė aptly - even a sliver of UK rudeness with Pedestrian's rough-arsed remix of Djrum.

For those that truly understand him however, there's an acknowledgment that his music says ten times as much about him as his mouth ever could. As prolific and obsessed a musician as you're ever likely to meet, recent years have seen Kris transformed into a burgeoning and critically acclaimed DJ and producer. A vinyl lover, hardcore canine-enthusiast and part-time philosopher!