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Kirschmann & Klingenberg are well known for their melodies, pushing drums and powerful basslines, always danceable for the crowd! Through these characteristics they are loved by the fans of harder music, and even became inspiration for other producers for their own work! Bastian Krischmann and Oliver Klingenberg attended a music school! Bastian played the Cello and Oliver the piano, both soon were fascinated by the wide range electronic music! Since that, they knew that they wanted to create something on their own… and so equipment was bought, software installed and much money invested in vinyls. With time they were rewarded for their hard work with a high interest in their tracks! Impulsivity and creativity are two principal points, which are very important for them!

Quality soon gets around and so first labels were interested in releasing their tracks. They already released on all popular labels, like Abstract, Compressed, Arcussinus, Skull Tunes or even the popular Inflicted records! The fast disposal showed their talent, and it’s important to mention that their tracks are often used on compilations too!

K&K are announced as “Shooting Star” and they were voted for “Best Track”. That was the best affirmation they could get for their work! Raveline is the most popular magazine for electronic music in countries with german language! Every year best Djs and producers are voted in the magazine.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.