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Keira Green



Born in the South of Holland, Keira grew up with the dream of being a performer and singer. At young age she already stood out
with her massive voice and positive energy. After finishing her education, she started out as a dancer and
singer in a Dutch dance act, but despite of never being the leading star, she always kept on to the thought of having het own act.
After leaving the band, it was time to focus on her own performance. Soon she was discovered as a Multi-talented solo artist who could
give the crowd what they asked for. "A single was ready, but all we needed was a voice and someone who
could indentify with the project." one of the the producer remembers. "Keira was the answer to our problems..."
They hooked up as a team and added the finishing touch to "My Heart Goes Up"; Keira's anticipated debut-single.
"What's the future hold's for me?" Keira ads "Entertaining people allover the globe! That's what I like and do best. I love to
see people having a good time on my music. Things are hard enough as they are in the world today and music always give relieve
no mater where you are..."

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Rob Mayth

Rob Mayth Presents 80+

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