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Luca Cavarret was born in 1983 near Venice, when he was very young, he approaches the world of music. The age of 15 years play the musical instrument the guitar. Start play with groups hardcore punk and technical jezz. Subsequently thanks to Angela, he discover music goa psytrance. Always much abducted by melody and positive people, Kavahjava begins the adventure playing as a DJ, first remixing songs and after producing own tracks. In 2007 he presents the first Album "Equilibrio Sferico", after little produces another Album "Nagualka". In 2009 realizes "Bodhisattva" and with this album he is colled by Polena rec. with which from 2010 start a collaboration. Thanks to Polena rec. coming out soon is a new Album "Cronovision" with 10 fantastic tracks.