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Karl M



Born in July 1987 in Aachen, Germany, Daniel Danieli aka Karl M made his first steps in music at the early age of six years. His first musical mission was to perform a rhythm on his new set of drums he had just received from Santa. With a little help from his brother, Karl M's first rhythm soon came to life: "We will rock you" by Queen... Since that very day, music became part of his life. His father plays The Sax and clarinet, his mother sings and plays the piano, his brother the violin, his younger sister the piano too and his older sister is also a singer. Obviously, music is a family talent.
At the age of 16, a friend gave him some music software called Reason. As any beginning, his first few songs were short, not that very complicated and not part of any particular genre. Through these musical tryouts, with sounds and noises, he was looking to find his way of music. Since Then, day after day, he learned more and more about music software, never loosing sight of his goal: Getting discovered through his music and becoming a producer!
When he was 22 years old, Karl M decided to use Ableton Live instead of Reason. Step by step, things took shape! He invested in musical equipment: Synthesizers, soundcard, groove box, and so on. Everything he knows now, he taught himself through experimentations, web tutorials and the advice of good friends, which enabled him to get a profound knowledge of his software.
He discovered his love for minimal music rather late and he is therefore still looking for his way in that particular kind of music. His goal? Being discovered by a German label, preferably one from Berlin, which is the purest of all places for minimal music.

In April 2011, Karl M finishes up his first tracks. Sent foremost to Germany, his music rapidly met with success. But the first truly important call came from nowhere less than the city of Berlin: An independent label called Trackord Records offered him a contract to release his very first EP with 3 of his tracks: Fall Up EP marks the resurrection of Karl M after a rather dark time for the artist, resulting in those 3 songs full of melancholy and hope.

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Label: Trackord Records
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