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Kai Acid



Yeahhh, i produce electronic-Music since 1994, more consequent since 1997.
I started as a real raver, as a real listener, as a real dancer, everytime with headphones on the way. I made my environment to the dancefloor, everytime closest to actual music. Always with the mission to success myself, again, again and again!
I began to work my experiences in songs, (underground with commercial jumps) only for myself and near friends, it was a very personal thing! My friends sayd:"You are like an trip!"
I was the music, and the music was in me. Hey, whats a compressed power!
I began to understand that, to work with it, to channelise it, last but not least to control it!
I work on it, up to the actual day, (its an not ending process) and how long, GOD let me work!
In the middle of 2008, i came up more professional and it was time to start own labels, first to publish own productions without troubles, and second to feature some artists with the same love for electronic music.
Here are now Lobby of Sounds Entertainment + ACiD SYSTEMS REC. GERMANY
Now in 2012 the focus is on tracks for the house-club dancefloor. Watch out!
Soli deo gloria!