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Juno6 subsists on the city, with all its smog, noise, drugs, parties and the weird folks you will meet
there. When everything is calming down Beautiful Planet Earth is starting to work. The outcome is
cold and warm, superficial and prof
ound, cockeyed, hilarious but also necessary music.
In the past Stefan Schultz spent many weekends and days on recording radio shows, exchanging mix
tapes, literally absorbing the new music. Even today, 15 years later, he still feels the impact of this
stinctive time, the subtle inner urge to somehow catch the energy at that time and presenting it in
new makeup.
This “Back to the Roots” mentality probably is the reason why he is almost completely relying on
analog equipment. He'd love to get rid of all
the Computers, PlugIns etc., but the huge advantages
and possibilities provide a lot throughout the creative process and especially to his live performances
in which he's using both, digital and analog techniques.
With twiddling keys and buttons

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.