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Junior Vasquez



The Hit Maker, The Deejay?s DJ, The Innovator, The Infamous, The Diva: Each of these fitting monikers can point to only one man, and that man is Junior Vasquez. 2008 marks the 25th Anniversary of Junior?s career as disc jockey, music producer, songwriter, ?remixer? and sound designer.

A pioneer in each discipline and tireless in his pursuits, the span of Junior?s career is dotted by landmark achievements in American popular music. New York?s famed Sound Factory nightclub, which Junior co-founded, marked the first of many milestones that he is continuing to mark in his illustrious and unstoppable career. From Sound Factory, Junior went on to hold some of the most coveted residencies in New York and hosted most of the legendary parties at New York hotspots including: the Tunnel, Arena at the Palladium, Juniorverse at Twilo and Earth at Exit. Junior?s career not only spans longer than his peers?, but his creative energies continue unrivalled.

Junior not only created and marked his spot as the world?s most influential DJ, but he continues to nurture his career with unwavering ambition and dedication. In the spring of 2003, Junior proudly launched ?JUNIOR?S WORLD,? on KTU. The show was syndicated successively in other regional markets in summer 2003 and through the DJ?s heavily-trafficked website.

Superstars and developing talents alike seek his ?midas touch? to increase their exposure to untapped fans and markets. Junior has a keen sense for helping veterans like Elton John, The Pretenders or Cyndi Lauper stay current and appealing to a young demographic.

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