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julien chaptal



French producer Julien Chaptal is one of the upcoming artists of the new Amsterdam electronic underground. Spearheaded by labels like 100% Pure, Intacto and Remote Area and a new breed of parties and clubs (11, Studio 80, Sugar Factory, Flex Bar) the Amsterdam scene in recent years has managed to put itself back on the international map. Especially because the music that comes from the Dutch capital sounds so fresh and exciting, since the city produced it’s first international minimal and technohits with the releases of Shinedoe, 2000 and One, Kabale Und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez, Bart Skils & Anton Pieete, Polder, Lauhaus & Boris Werner and Julien Chaptal himself.
Born and raised in Paris, Chaptal (29) moved to the USA and later to Canada before he settled in Amsterdam around the turn of the century. Het got his first break with his own group Le Clic, which so far only released one 12-inch, but became a popular live-act in the Netherlands. The trio even played on the mainstage of the Amsterdam Welcome to the Future-festival in the summer of 2007, where Chaptal actually could be seen twice. He also performed with the 6-piece Amsterdam 661, consisting of six members of the burgeoning Amsterdam scene: Lauhaus, David Labeij, Quazar, Boris Werner, Kabale Und Liebe. It says a lot about the Amsterdam scene that all these producers actually play together. Not only on stage, but also in the studio. So next to some solo-releases (the beautiful melodic ‘Wonderland’ (december 2006) and it’s follow up ‘Am I loco lima’) Chaptal also produced a 12-inch with Lauhaus (‘Freedom fries’, Lauhaus & Chaptal), which became a solid international clubhit.
On Chaptals debutalbum ‘Tokens’ he again teams up with some of his friends, like Daniel ‘mumbling’ Sanchez and Carlos ‘screaming’ Valdes - dj and organisor of the infamous Vreemd-parties in Sugar Factory.

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