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john o'callaghan



John O’Callaghan is at the forefront of quality trance producers. The creator of high energy, big room classics, deep, tech-driven tracks and a master of precision mixing, he is responsible for putting Ireland on the map as a source of excellent DJ and production talent. With his flawless ability to discover haunting vocal singers and merge them with uplifting melodies and big bass lines, his productions have earned him a place amongst the trance elite where he continues to rise and impress with the type of music that can’t fail to bring you out in goosebumps.

John’s unique ability to conjure up both instant classics such as ‘Big Sky’ and ‘Find Yourself,’ and deeper, tech tracks with a darker edge has earned him a
huge following and much respect in the industry. John has achieved so much already but this is just the beginning of his trance legacy.