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Jeannie Rides A Rocket



JEANNIE RIDES A ROCKET is a duo formed in 2011.
dany crusius and andreas helmle.
the two knew each other for a long time, but they both were too shy...
now they make electronic pop/rock/dance ... and just released their first album and their website.
JEANNIE started out playing the accordeon in an orchestra when she was twelve. at the age of seventeen she released her first record with the band ?kristall?. after various gigs and bands such as ?raw?, ?linda loves lychees? and ?rain? and living in london and los angles, she found her way to meet ROCKET in munich. JEANNIE also gives her voice to commercials as well as a singer and as a voice over talent. she also is severely into decorating and ?pimping? things such as peppermills, bird houses and all kind of furniture. she has recently created interior designs for studio facilities and advertising agencies.
ROCKET originally was a musician (bass player) who played in bands such as ?dogs d?amour? (munich), he recorded various albums, has had tv appereances and toured all over the world. he landed dance chart hits with the formation ?B.A.T.?, collaborated amongst others with dj hell and karl bartos (kraftwerk) and produced artists and their music published at bmg ufa / ariola. finally he started to compose music for films, tv series and commercials. ROCKET is also a talented director of photography and shot a variety of commercials and movies. and last but not least he is a very creative web designer.
from scratch the two developped their own videos, art work, music recording, mixing, mastering and such.
but find out for yourselves!

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Jeannie Rides A Rocket 3-2-1 Fire!

jeannie rides a rocket

3-2-1 Fire!

VÖ-Datum: 15.02.2012
Label: Elektrik Music
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