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Jack Morado



Jack Morado is a DJ, producer and remixer from Hamburg, Germany. His interest in club music began at an early age and he started playing music on different events and later in renowned Clubs.
Jack discovered his interest to learn producing the music he loves to play.
Projects like Phazed Romance, Moody Groove and Choc Choc Zoo became alive and has been released on labels like Clubland Records, Styles Kickin, Edel Records and Need4Music. Jack Morado's project with Inusa Dawuda and the first bootylicious single shake your moneymaker has been released on Pacha Recordings in july 2010!
Thanks to his last single 'Don't Hesitate' which received support by players as Joachim Garraud, Anjiro Rijo (Spinnin), 2 Elements (Strictly Rhythm) to name a few. He has quickly emerged from a rather unsung local newcomer with only a few productions under his belt to a guy to watch out in the future. With his new release 'Gimme Dance' he proves again his great production skills and talent for writing catchy dancefloor smashs.

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.