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jacek sienkiewicz



Jacek Sienkiewicz is definitely one of the pioneers of contemporary electronic music, both in his native Poland and Eastern Europe in general. He is also a prime example of hard working, highly original artist that takes no compromises and follows his very own vision, even if it means a lack of visible commercial success.

Jacek is by no means a bandwagon jumper, quite the contrary: some of his ideas, even sketched via his past releases, are still to be recognized and appreciated by every current trend followers.
Jacek started his musical career in mid-90s as a DJ, championing tracks by masters of stripped-down, hypnotic club music, soon to become known as 'minimal’. But with all respect due to the classics of 90s Detroit and Chicago, his vision of modern club music soon became much too broad to be pigeonholed as yet another robert hood follower.
Experiments with analogue machines soon led Jacek to producing his own music – and playing it live. By ’96 he completely ditched DJing, and his very first live show – which took place at Warsaw’s Centre for Contemporary Art – was a example of his love of vintage Roland synths and analogue sequencing. Soon, the Recognition label came to life – issuing debut CD sounding equally rough and melodic, a blueprint of things to come.