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Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and internationally respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He runs the innovative and genre defying label Asymmetric. He has been responsible for a diverse back-catalogue of releases on a wide variety of labels and projects around the World. His discography stretches to over 100 releases. His DJ schedule has taken him to all corners of the World.

In his early teens he developed a passion for electronic music - listening to anything from Jean Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode to Howard Jones and The Human League,he was always less interested in the songs but more interested in the vast arrays of equipment being used to create the music. A stalwart of the UK techno scene, Inigo has amassed a considerable discography through his Asymmetric label, and consistently gigs all over the world. It’s about time that we had a no-holds barred techno mix, so here you go. I’ve also included new records from Joy Orbison, Cobblestone Jazz, Pawel and Lindstrom.

The early to mid 90′s saw Inigo acquire a formal education in electronic engineering, a qualification we know his die-hard fans would agree has contributed greatly to his razor sharp production methods. To regale stories of too many of his productions would be crazy of us(as their is quite a back-catalogue), plus we’re pretty sure our listeners themselves have been tracking the musical direction of Inigo for some years now. For a moment though, we definitely want to touch on a few key releases that have informed and inspired our ears here at OurLand towers.

Inigo’s first release came way back in 1996, whilst arguably his most important second outing ‘Automation Makers Art’(dropping in the same year) landed via ZET – the sister label to Karl O’Connor’s(Regis) Downwards. What a way to firmly cement yourself in the history of not just UK Techno, but very much so on the worldwide Techno stage. You can also add to that early success, the legendary taste maker John Peel being a particular fan(who was also then regularly playing Inigo’s tracks on his much missed Radio 1 show)

Inigo Kennedy; a master of dancefloor darkness that has been making his mark through the underground since the mid-’90s. Kennedy has amassed a hefty discography with multiple LPs, EPs, and 12″s that have spanned multiple shifts in the sound of techno, yet he manages to wedge his way into whatever the genre has became and make a serious impact. Along with his own Asymmetric imprint, Kennedy’s recent output has been on the ever-growing powerhouse that is Token, and most recently on Prosthetic Pressings, for his latest 12″, “Insistence.”

Well on the way to 100 releases, a number of major projects upcoming in the next few months and a packed DJing schedule. Things are looking bright on planet Asymmetric!!!