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Ingo Boss biography Ingo Boss was born in 1979 in Frankfurt am Main and had his first contact with Techno music in 1990 while listening to the radio. From 1994 on, he already was a regular guest at Sven Väth's parties at the legendary Omen discotheque, which highly inspired him. He started working at Delirium, a local record store in Frankfurt, in 1998 and released his first record on pascal feos's label PV in 2000, which eventually led into his first tour, celebrating 10 years Delirium and 5 years PV Records in 2001. His first residencies were at the Spectrum party at MTW in 2001 and from 2002 to 2004 at the U60311, often playing together with Sven Väth. In 2003, Ingo had his first big success with the transistor EP on cocoon Recordings, which contained "Little Eternity", a track that Sven Väth chose for his Mix CD 'The Sound of the Fourth Season'. This success was followed by Ingo's first set at the CocoonClub Frankfurt in 2004, where he hosted the Micromized nights together with Chris Tietjen in 2005. In that year, he also played in Japan (at Womb Club and Ageha Club) for the first time. After another big hit in 2006 ? together with Frank Heinrich aka Reboot, he remixed "Quo Vadis", a classic from 1995, Ingo had a new residency at the Residenz Club in Paderborn and returned to Japan to UNIT Club and Departures Lounge. Since 2007, he also works at Cocoon Music Event GmbH as assistant to the A&R and the Booking agents. Currently; Ingo is working on new projects in his newly-set-up studio and has also started some new co-operations with johannes heil, among others.

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Label: topmodel
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